Dispensaries that Ship to VA: Do They Exist?

Dispensaries that ship to VA? Do those exist?

At this point, Virginia has five medical marijuana dispensaries allowed to operate. Thus, some VA residents haven't been too concerned with getting a marijuana card.

While each of the state's regions has a minimum of one dispensary serving it, some areas like Lynchburg find it difficult to access. Lynchburg residents still must drive over an hour to get to RISE dispensary in Salem.

So, are there any dispensaries that ship to VA?

That would make life a bit easier. But unfortunately, out-of-state dispensaries are not allowed to send products over state lines. However, if you're looking to leave your black market connection and begin receiving medical marijuana delivery in VA, keep reading!

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Dispensaries that Ship to VA Reddit

Dispensaries that Ship to VA Reddit

So many people are looking to Reddit for answers. But really, are there any dispensaries that ship to VA, Reddit?

Here's what some members of the Reddit community had to say about that:

According to user Salt-Zombie1274, "Usually they don't ship state to state from what I've heard."

User Thacomedwn said, "No dispensary in VA has flower to ship. Other than still committing a federal crime by mailing it, I'm guessing technically it is not illegal. However technicality doesn't equal reality so if your state has not specifically stated that it is legal and regulates the activity, you can assume it isn't legal."

While these two conversations are interesting, they don't fully answer the question. Are there any dispensaries that ship to VA?

Some companies might be willing to ship domestically from other states. However, with federal prohibition still looming its head, it's a felony to transport medical cannabis across state lines.

More on Dispensaries that Ship to VA

For those living far from the nearest Virginia marijuana dispensary, it can be a hassle running out of your medicine. The accessibility isn't where it should be just yet. But even with this being the case, getting medical marijuana in Virginia can be quite simple if you know where to look!

Out of the five dispensaries in VA, three of them offer home delivery of medical marijuana products. And they're willing to ship quite far. Whether you're living in Bristol, Harrisonburg, Chesapeake, or somewhere else, you still should have access to plenty of medical marijuana products online. This, of course, includes flower, topicals, vape products, and edibles.

Furthermore, medical marijuana delivery zones are expanding throughout the state – not to mention, medical marijuana pick-up locations in Virginia for those living outside of the delivery zone are becoming more plentiful. We expect new medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the future. But at this point, each of the five medical marijuana companies currently in operation holds licenses to open up to six dispensaries in Virginia.

Dispensaries that Ship to VA – From VA

Dispensaries that Ship to VA – From VA

As previously stated, three out of the five dispensaries operating in Virginia will deliver. Unfortunately, Columbia Care Portsmouth does not offer delivery. However, between the other dispensaries that do, Virginia medical marijuana cardholders living anywhere in the state can get a delivery.

Abingdon - Dharma Pharmaceuticals Cannabis Delivery

Located in Abingdon, Dharma Pharmaceuticals has plenty of cannabis product offerings to choose from; from vape carts to edibles, topicals, and more, this dispensary is stocked full of the treatment options patients demand.

This dispensary's vapes have unique labels that outline the products' purposes. Calm, Focus, and Energy are the labels. However, the operation does not outline the strains involved.

The THC concentration offered goes up to 64% for their Calm 21 vape formula. But Dharma Pharmaceuticals also offers gummies at 9mg of THC and five to six milligrams of CBD. The operation's oils are not intense with a bit over 3mg of THC and 2mg of CBD in each dose.

While the products in stock might not be all impressive, Dharma's delivery area is massive. This operation is serving patients all throughout the region east of Harrisonburg.

Manassas - Beyond/Hello

Beyond/Hello in Manassas offers medical marijuana delivery throughout VA, too. This dispensary is delivering to Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket, and Centreville, as well. While this is not a huge geographical area, it delivers to the surrounding area.

This Virginia medical marijuana dispensary offers more of a selection than Dharma. It has plenty of products produced by other Virginia cannabis product manufacturers, even going so far as to distribute GLeaf's vape cartridges including strains like Ghost OG, 3 Chems, and Death Star.

For those looking for GLeaf's live rosin extracts or Dharma's edibles, topicals, oils, and suppositories, Beyond/Hello in Manassas carries these products, too.

Richmond - GLeaf

GLeaf in Richmond offers the largest delivery area in Virginia. No other dispensaries in VA will deliver to as large of an area, nor do the other operations offer as diverse a selection of products.

GLeaf cannabis delivery extends to everyone east of SR 81. However, the dispensary only delivers to Rochester on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Furthermore, if you live in Danville, cannabis deliveries only occur on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Anyone living west of SR 81 is still able to get their medical cannabis from GLeaf. However, you'll need to drive to meet up. It's possible to order from GLeaf and pick up the products at a designated time at the Fairfield Inn in Staunton (114 Crossing Way). Or, you also have the option to meet at the Roanoke CVS at 2712 Peters Creek Road.

Considering the variety GLeaf offers, it's worth ordering from this medical dispensary. Whether you're interested in exciting extracts like Ghost OG (a whopping 77 percent THC) or Lucky Cheese shatter coming in at an impressive 71 percent THC, this dispensary has some nice MMJ products. Not to mention the 33 vape strains, edibles, and topicals offered!

Dispensaries that Ship to VA FAQ

Are there any California dispensaries that ship to VA?

California dispensaries are not allowed to ship to VA. However, this doesn't mean that this does not happen. Some believe that there is a national mail order cannabis race underway, with California dispensaries behind many of the interstate cannabis transactions.

Can you have edibles shipped to Virginia?

While you cannot have edibles shipped to Virginia legally, some Virginia dispensaries are willing to ship to medical marijuana patients. Residents are able to order their medical marijuana gummies and other edibles online to have them delivered to their door. At this point, three VA dispensaries offer cannabis delivery in Virginia.

Do DC dispensaries deliver to Virginia?

Some DC dispensaries are willing to deliver to Virginia. According to GHouse DC, they deliver to Northern Virginia, too. It all depends on the dispensary, of course. But for Virginia residents looking for cannabis delivered from a DC dispensary, it's entirely possible!

Does Virginia have any dispensaries?

Virginia currently has five medical marijuana dispensaries in operation. These businesses can have prescription-based dispensaries on-site at their manufacturing facilities, along with five satellite medical dispensaries apiece. They're also allowed to run full-on cannabis retail operations out of their dispensaries with the current legislation in place.

Can dispensaries ship nationwide?

Unfortunately, cannabis dispensaries are not allowed to ship nationwide. However, this does not stop some of them from participating in the black market. Some believe that up to 90 percent of the black market marijuana available comes from dispensaries.

Closing on Dispensaries that Ship to VA

The dispensaries that ship to VA legally are the ones located in the state itself. While other dispensaries might be willing to ship to you, it is currently against the law. In time, however, this might change as laws continue to evolve on a state-by-state basis.

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