Medical Marijuana Strains: Which is the Best for Pain?

June 18, 2021

How to Use Marijuana for Pain

One of the benefits of medical marijuana strains is their ability to reduce both acute and chronic pain.

To determine the best marijuana for pain, you need to understand why using marijuana for pain is widely considered an effective treatment in the first place.


Before we discuss different medicinal cannabis strains, let’s examine how medical marijuana helps to eliminate pain.

How Medical Marijuana Affects Pain

There are two major compounds found within any medical cannabis strain: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both compounds have been shown to have an impact on pain.


CBD produces no psychoactive or disorientating effects. This compound reduces inflammation, thus reducing swelling. It forces cells to reduce inflammation and focus on healing.


When CBD is present, this compound dampens the signals the body sends to the brain. It produces the anandamide compound, which is responsible for pain signal regulation.


THC, on the other hand, is the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects caused by marijuana. Studies have shown THC also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Furthermore, it activates both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which impacts how the body feels pain. There’s limited evidence to show that THC further interacts with the pain regulating opioid receptors inside the body.


In short, both compounds have an impact on why marijuana for pain is often just as effective as prescription opioids.


What Type of Pain Does Marijuana Reduce?


When asking, “What is the best mmj for lower back pain?” for example, the answer is not as simple as picking out your favorite medical weed strain. The fact is pain is not just pain.


There are two different types of pain the body feels, known as:

  • Nociceptive pain
  • Neuropathic pain


Nociceptive is the most common type of pain. It’s caused by tissue damage, and the pain comes from the proteins and chemicals that bind to the nerve endings. The inflammation at the site of the injury is also a big reason why pain occurs.

Neuropathic pain is incredibly intense and is notoriously difficult to treat. Due to the fact it’s not caused by inflammation, many common medications have little effect on neuropathic pain.

Thankfully, medical marijuana strains are excellent at treating both types of pain.

The 3 Types of Marijuana


There are three types of weed for pain. Some are more effective than others in treating pain.

Sativa – Known for its creative, energetic effects. Excellent for boosting mood.

Indica – Helps people to relax and soothes anxiety.

Hybrid – The best of both worlds.

Most users report superior pain-relieving effects from Indica strains. However, this is not an exact science.

There has also been no correlation between different CBD/THC ratios. Thus far, there is no research to back up the title of “best” weed for pain based on their ratios.

Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Pain


What is the best marijuana strain for pain?

Although different consumers report different results, there are certain types of weed for pain that online communities commonly mention.

Here are our top picks for medicinal cannabis strains:

White Widow


One of the most well-known Indica hybrids, this potent cannabis strain is most often used to relieve pain, insomnia, and anxiety. It provides a sense of euphoria as you drift off to sleep.

This is an excellent cannabis strain for people who want to sleep off their aches and pains.



Created in the 1970s, this popular Sativa strain is primarily used for sufferers of anxiety, but it has also been shown to be perfect for relieving pain, particularly headaches.

This high THC, high CBD strain provides a psychoactive high, but it’s largely counteracted by the high CBD content. Unlike White Widow, this medical weed strain can be used throughout the day.

Pain Management with Medical Marijuana


Everyone’s pain is different. People with intense chronic pain may require more marijuana than someone experiencing mild acute pain.

There’s also lifestyle and experience to take into account.

Avoid high THC strains if you need to go to work or operate a vehicle, for example. It’s also wise to avoid high THC strains if you’re new to medical marijuana. It’s best to start with 1-2mg and gradually up the dosage as needed.

States across the U.S. also offer a variety of different marijuana products for treating pain. Let’s take a look at the different options available:

Nociceptive Pain – For tissue damage close to the skin, use a marijuana salve that absorbs directly into the skin.

Deep Nociceptive Pain – Damaged tissue deeper into the body needs a product that gets THC and CBD into the bloodstream. Edibles, smoked cannabis, and vapes are highly recommended.

Neuropathic Pain – Edibles, vapes, and smoked cannabis are best for getting the THC and CBD into the bloodstream quickly.  This is the quickest way to reach the nerves deep in the skin and your brain.

CannabisRxHealth Can Help 


Marijuana for pain can be extremely effective. You avoid the risk of overdose, and you reduce your healthcare costs by staying away from prescription opioids.

Begin the process of securing your medical marijuana card by contacting us at CannabisRxHealth.

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