Medical Marijuana Dispensary Experiences: What to Expect

Before You Experience Cannabis Dispensaries

Before visiting a medical marijuana dispensary, there are some things you should know about the experience.

Understanding what a cannabis dispensary is like will help you have an idea of what to expect.

Here's what you should know prior to your visit:

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Visiting Cannabis Dispensaries

Consider Your Cannabis Pharmacist is Your Bud Guru

In the case of Virginia dispensaries, you won’t have a budtender; you’ll experience the shop under the guidance of a trained cannabis Pharmacist!

For all things medical marijuana, your cannabis Pharmacist is there to guide you.

The cannabis Pharmacist will first ask you why you're visiting the compassionate care center – or what medical conditions you'd like to treat with cannabis.

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Be Honest About What You Need

Just like when you visit one of your doctors, it's best to be honest about the reason for your visit.

Some patients feel awkward talking about their cannabis needs at a dispensary. But the more insight you can provide about your condition, the easier it will be for your cannabis Pharmacist to help.

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Ask How to Pay for Your Purchase Beforehand

Since cannabis is still prohibited at the federal level, a dispensary might prefer to receive cash only. However, sometimes, a dispensary will figure out a way around that and accept credit or debit cards – or cryptocurrency.

Contact the dispensary ahead of time to learn how you can pay for your purchase. This knowledge will ensure that if your total comes out to a couple of hundred dollars, you'll have the appropriate currency the operation will accept.

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Consider Your Medical Issues

While physicians will recommend medical marijuana or CBD flower for specific conditions, it's still crucial to think about any medical problems your consumption could impact.

For example, if you already experience nausea, taking edible cannabis could cause additional stomach discomfort.

So, it's vital to know how your medical ailments will interact with the cannabis product(s) you're purchasing. This knowledge will help ensure you achieve the best results possible from any given strain of marijuana or CBD flower.

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Be Open-Minded About Cannabis Products

Dispensary cannabis products aren't just limited to marijuana flower or CBD flower. Depending on the dispensary you visit, there's a multitude of cannabis products available for your consumption.

For example, some shops sell different forms of concentrates such as oils, waxes, and candies.

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Knowledge is Power

The more knowledge you have about medical cannabis, the more likely you will achieve your desired results.

Remember, if you lack an understanding of the best cannabis products, your budtender is there to help guide you. They'll answer any questions you have to ensure your visit will be safe and successful.

know what you're looking for at a medical marijuana dispensary

Know What You're Looking for Beforehand

If patients enter a medical marijuana dispensary without an idea of what they want, it can cause problems and stall the process.

For instance, if you know that you're looking for a particular strain, it will be easier to move through the visit quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, if you come in unprepared, your budtender might try to sell you on items you're not interested in.

To avoid any such issues, come to the dispensary prepared with what you want to procure - and don't forget about contacting a dispensary ahead of time to ensure it has what you need before you get there.

ask questions at a medical cannabis dispensary

Asking Questions is Okay

While there are many benefits of medical cannabis or CBD flower for those suffering from various ailments, not every product will be right for you.

Asking questions at a dispensary is the best way to ensure that you're getting cannabis products that work best with your medical condition(s).

Make Sure to Bring Your ID & Documentation

While medical marijuana doesn't always require patients to be 21 years of age or older, you'll still need to prove who you are and show your physicians recommendation or MMJ card.

Even though some black-market operations exist, nearly every store in the country operates with compliance in mind.

get your cannabis weighed when you visit a medical marijuana dispensary

Getting to Know Cannabis Products

Cultivation has come a long way. But even with various strains available, it's unlikely you'll be limited to cannabis flower.

Here's a list of the cannabis products you can expect to see when you visit the dispensary:

medical marijuana dispensary cannabis

Cannabis Flower

Many dispensaries handle their cultivation of plants on their own. But even if they don't do cultivation, each shop will usually stock its shelves with various kinds of flower.

Each store in the cannabis industry will have different types of flowers available to purchase. Although you may not see an extensive variety, most shops will carry at least a half-dozen strains that medical and recreational consumers can choose from.

medical cannabis dispensary sale

Consider Discounts

Sometimes, a dispensary will let you receive special offers from its site for flower discounts. Other times, a store will hold events to fill more flower orders. Regardless, buying more flower – even if you decide to join some friends on a heavier bag of it – will give you the best price for the weight.

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Check Flower Descriptions

Checking the product description is crucial to know what kinds of cannabinoids are present in each strain. This will also let you know how much THC or CBD is included in each gram.

This is how you'll become a well-informed customer. But for veterans in the cannabis industry, you likely already know which flower you prefer.

medical marijuana edibles


Regardless of your age, edibles can be fun. But remember, you'll need to be 21 years of age or older, even to purchase infused brownies.

Edibles have been growing increasingly popular over the years. But there's nothing new about edible consumption. It's just now more mainstream.

Types of Edibles

These days, you can find cookies, pastries, cakes, candies, baked goods, and much more infused with THC or CBD. But how do you know which ones to use for pain versus which will help with cancer symptoms?

Check out the ingredients list on the product container so you see what kind of dosage is included in each treat.

Most adults will want to follow the dosage recommendations. But if you need something higher than what's recommended, speak with a budtender and see if you can find an edible with a higher dosage.

medical marijuana tinctures


Tinctures are worth mentioning simply because it's newer to the cannabis industry. However, many wellness affiliates recommend using CBD of THC tinctures for better pain management.

Benefits of Tincture

Rather than smoking flower, tincture gives a customer the option to manage wellness without smoking THC or CBD flower. This is especially beneficial to an adult looking to adjust their health concerns with minimal impact to their health.

As a new customer to tincture, you'll begin by applying a small amount of your tincture cannabis product under your tongue and confirm it works for your symptoms before applying more.

online ordering for medical marijuana

Online Ordering: The Dawn of a New Age

More and more cannabis shops are appealing to more users online with a website. The site should display all types of flower and other cannabis products. But besides offering flower on the site, they usually will have a delivery service available.

online medical marijuana discounts

Online Ordering Discounts

Sometimes, delivery is free of charge – especially for those who buy a lot of flower or pre-rolls!

In some cases, these operations may even offer a discount with the hope that you'll buy more THC or CBD flower. But while they are hoping you'll get more THC or CBD flower, they're not giving it away for free.

The main benefit here is that these operations are willing to fill your order once you confirm your phone number, address, and age. But let's not forget, as with most online ordering, you can usually track your delivery until it arrives at your home.

Concluding on the Dispensary Experience

Visiting a medical cannabis dispensary is fun and exciting – especially for those just now starting their treatment. The insight in this article should ensure your experience is nothing short of a pleasure.

We hope that this article has been informative, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time! Our knowledgeable doctors are ready to assist you with all of your medical marijuana questions!

Feel free to contact us at any time if you need help on how to get a medical marijuanas card in VA.