Weed Measurements: The Ultimate Guide

If you're new to the world of cannabis, be prepared for a few surprises.

One of the biggest?

The different measurements used to refer to marijuana in both pounds and ounces.

And then there's the slang terms.

For example it's not always clear what someone means when they say something like, "I have an O."

This blog post will answer all of your questions about weed measurements – from one gram to a whopping QP – so that you can make more informed decisions on how much weed is enough. Just in time for botanical sales in Virginia!

Here you'll learn about common units of weight, the discrepancies between them, slang terms, and strategies to ensure you get an accurate weigh-out with each purchase.

Let's get started!

Breaking Down Weed Measurements for Medical Marijuana Patients

The Infamous Dime Bag of Cannabis

The dime bag is one of the old school weed measurements that's beginning to die out.

For most cannabis users, a dime bag simply isn't enough.

If you've never seen a dime bag before, imagine just over half a gram of cannabis flower in a small plastic bag. It should weigh out to .7 of a gram – with a nug around the size of a grape, depending on its density – and it's not something your local dispensary is likely to carry.

But why is it losing popularity?

While buying small bags might seem convenient, it's not.

Imagine how many times you'd need to visit the dispensary each week if you were buying dime bags. Many cannabis consumers will consume more than a dime bag in a single session!

The average joint contains around .43 to .66 grams of flower.

However, a dime bag would be nice if you're running low on cash. But the simple fact of the matter is a dime bag isn't going to last long, especially if you're the kind of cannabis consumer who loses track of how many grams of weed they consume in a week!

Gram of Cannabis

One gram is one of the most common weed measurements. Even if you're used to purchasing larger quantities like a quarter ounce or more, you should know how many grams of weed you're buying.

But how much is a gram of weed?

Well, for starters, this is usually the minimum amount that most legitimate dispensaries are willing to sell. Unless you're buying pre-rolls, of course.

That's right. Gone are the days when local street dealers sold dime bags. At least in most regions.

But that's a good thing. Nothing against the dime bag, but anything less than a gram or two grams is too little for a satisfying sesh – or multiple, if your needs demand it.

However, it's important to note how much medicine you actually consume. If you consume often, it's probably worth investing in a larger bag of cannabis.

A gram of weed is the standard for buying cannabis. However, while a single gram of top shelf cannabis might be exactly what you need to medicate, this might not be enough weed for the average smoker.

Continue reading our guide to weed measurements for insight into heavier bags.

Half-Eighth of Cannabis

A half-eighth is enough marijuana for a few sessions. However, this will vary significantly depending on how often you consume.

Black market weed dealers more commonly use this unit of measurements. But you should be able to purchase weed at a dispensary using this weed measurement.

Gone are the days when consumers would purchase marijuana in a dub sack. The dub sack was $20 worth of marijuana. It was usually just beyond a gram and just under a half-eighth.

These days, the half-eighth has become more common. While the price of marijuana ranges – with top shelf cannabis products typically sold at higher prices – prices vary for half-eighths.

Half-eighths are generally measured as half of an eighth of an ounce. An ounce has 28 grams, one eighth of that is 7 grams, and a half-eighth is 3.5 grams of weed.

Continue reading our guide to weed measurements for insight into heavier bags.

Eighth of Cannabis

An eighth is an eighth of an ounce. This is one of the most common small weed measurements because it's enough for  a single patient session but isn't crazy expensive.

So, how many grams in an eighth of cannabis?

With 28 grams in one ounce, 1/8 of an ounce weighs around 3.5 grams. Thus, this is what you should expect from most dispensaries when you're buying marijuana or medical cannabis.

An eighth of weed usually costs around $50, depending on where you live and the quality of weed that you're purchasing. Street prices are usually less for high quality cannabis. But if it's a hot new strain that's flying out of the inventory fast, it could be pricier.

However, small bags like eighths are a lot cheaper than buying weed by the quarter pound or half pound!

But, if you're looking for the most "bang for your buck," you're better off buying half an ounce to an ounce – minimally speaking, of course.

While you might pay more by weight, an eighth of an ounce of weed offers a sizable amount that can last for several sessions throughout the week.

Continue reading our guide to weed measurements for insight into heavier bags.

Quarter Ounce of Cannabis

A quarter is usually a quarter ounce of cannabis flower. But how many grams are in a quarter ounce?

A quarter ounce includes seven grams of cannabis flower. Seven grams of weed is usually enough to last a few weeks for the average medical marijuana card holder. However, if you're a heavy consumer, you might be better off buying a half ounce or even a full ounce.

A quarter of an ounce is seven grams of weed. With a quarter, you should expect between 14 and 21 sessions or more. Thus, if you're not consuming multiple times daily, it's probably worth investing in a glass mason jar to keep your flower fresh.

For those who don't need a full ounce of weed or would rather divide their high quality ounce into several high-quality strains, the quarter offers a solution. If you have a few favorite buds you like to have on hand, buy a few quarter ounces of high quality cannabis and store it in labeled mason jars.

With this strategy, you'll be able to sample weed from multiple strains throughout the week. And when one of your quarters starts running low, you can easily purchase a new quarter ounce of weed.

Half Ounce of Cannabis

Perhaps you already know which strain treats your condition best. This is when a half ounce, also known as a "Half," is a solid option.

So, how many grams are in a half ounce?

Well, if you buy weed by the half ounce bag, you're purchasing 14 grams at a time. This is where you start to get the best cash value for your money spent as flower is less expensive when you purchase in bulk.

Buying many grams of marijuana flower allows consumers to get the best deal possible. This is especially important if you're making Rick Simpson oil to treat a condition as you'll need a lot of plant matter to extract enough for your treatment.

However, if you're making your own concentrate, you might want to level-up your weed purchases and get a full ounce.


A full ounce usually costs less than twice the price of a half ounce. This is because as you get into the heavier marijuana measurements, you'll get discounts.

How much should an O weigh?

Your full ounce should be four times as heavy as your quarter of an ounce, and contain twice as much weight as your half ounce. Thus, you can expect a whopping 28 grams of weed in your full ounce.

Advantages of buying in bulk

Weed prices are expensive. But it's even pricier to buy small bags. For example, if you were to purchase a dub sack from a local illegal distributor, you'd likely pay more per gram of weed than if you were to purchase large cannabis quantities from legal dispensaries twice per year.

The main disadvantage of buying large weed quantities is that you'll need to store larger quantities properly to ensure it lasts. This means making sure each quarter of an ounce has its own small jar. But you can also purchase jars that hold an ounce of weed – or more!

Quarter Pound of Cannabis

The quarter is a quarter pound weed measurement that's most commonly associated with large quantities of weed. You likely don't need to buy a quarter pound of weed unless you're in business. However, sometimes, it's worth purchasing a quarter pound with a few friends to get better weed prices.

For example, a quarter pound of weed includes four ounces. You and three friends can each get an ounce of weed at highly discounted prices if you purchase your bud together. All you need is a digital scale and to know how many grams are in an ounce (28).

Then you have to weigh the weed. And if you know how many grams each of you should get in your ounce of weed, you'll definitely save some money.

But what exactly does a quarter pound weigh?

A quarter pound of cannabis weighs 112 grams. At twenty eight grams a piece, this means you should have four ounces of cannabis to distribute among yourselves.

Slang Terms for Marijuana Measurements

Slang terms for weed measurements have evolved over the years. Much of these terms are based on the metric system, which has contributed to what we know as the marijuana metric system.

But how much weight is given with each slang term?

Beyond Dime Bags & Dubs

The metric system for cannabis goes well beyond dime bags and dubs. One gram is commonly called a "G." But one ounce is called an "O" or a "Zip."

The slang word "O" comes with the imperial system measurement of an ounce, and the word "Zip" describes the amount of flower that fits in one ziplock bag.

Smaller Weight

Half ounces are known as "Half O's" or "Half Zips." And an eighth, or 3.5 grams, has been given the slang term "E."

Half eighths weigh just under two grams at 1.7, which is half of the 3.5 grams you'll find in an eighth. These are the most common gram units for weed weights.

Bulk Buys

A 1/4 ounce weighs a quarter of one ounce. It's known as a "Quarter" or a "Quarter O." But a quarter pound is usually called a "Quap" or a "QP."

Weed Buying Tips for Cannabis Users

If you're new to buying cannabis, you're in luck. It's actually quite easy. And if you're purchasing your cannabis from a legal dispensary, you should expect each bag you buy to be "on-point."


Back to slang, "on-point" can either mean that a street dealer has cannabis on hand. Or, it could mean that your bag is exactly the right weight.

Here are some professional tips to ensure you always get what you're paying for – or more!

Buy from legal dispensaries.

If the dispensary you support is legal, you don't really need to worry about the weight of your cannabis flower. Most of the time, it will be weighed in front of you. Or, the bags will come pre-weighed from a reliable source.

However, if you're uncertain about the legitimacy of your dispensary, don't be afraid to bring in a digital scale. Legitimate operations don't want to rip you off; they want to support you and keep you coming back for more!

If you buy from a friend, have a digital scale on hand.

Sometimes, medical marijuana consumers would rather purchase their product from friends. You know what they say, "A friend with weed is a friend indeed," and that's the truth, especially when it comes to new consumers.

Whether you're looking for more affordable prices, going in on some weight with some friends, or simply don't feel like going to a dispensary, use a digital scale to make sure your bag's weight is on-point!

Don't "eyeball" it!

You might think you can "eyeball" your bag. But the fact is cannabis can be super dense or fluffy, depending on how it's grown.

Dense buds will look smaller but weigh more. The fluffier buds will look like there's more in the bag. But the weight can deviate significantly, depending on how dense or fluffy the flower.

With this being the case, we'll revert back to the need for a digital scale. Have an accurate scale ready to weigh your bud to ensure you never get shorted!

Buy cannabis from people you trust.

Whether you have a friend, a recommendation to a dispensary, or something else, make sure you're buying from people you can trust. While the sketchy guy on the corner might say he has your interests at heart, he's probably just in it for the money.

The experience purchasing at a dispensary.

A dispensary is usually the best bet. If you're purchasing flower from a bulk bin, your budtender will weigh your bag as you watch. Your budtender will also have knowledge about how many grams should come in your bag. So, if you forget gram conversions, you can ask them for some insight.

Some states that have adult-use cannabis laws require flower to come prepackaged. With this in mind, your bag may have been pre-measured before it arrived at the dispensary. Thus, if you feel your bag is lighter than the weight the packaging indicates, feel free to weigh the buds on a digital scale at home.

Concluding on Weed Measurements

Medical marijuana use is becoming increasingly common throughout the United States. As more patients realize they can medicate with this powerful plant, more are making the switch to this alternative treatment option.

But it's crucial to know what you're buying!

Keep this information in mind as you buy your medical cannabis. And remember, buying in bulk will save you money long-term!

We hope that this article has been informative, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time! Our knowledgeable doctors are ready to assist you with all of your medical marijuana questions!

Feel free to contact us at any time if you need help on how to get a medical marijuanas card in VA.