What Doctors Can Write Prescription for Medical Marijuana?

September 29, 2022

What doctors in Louisiana can write prescription for medical marijuana, anyway?

What Doctors in Louisiana Can Write Prescription for Medical Marijuana

A recent bill in Louisiana has made it possible for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. This is a major change in policy, as marijuana has been illegal in the state for many years.

Doctors are allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to patients who have one of 17 qualifying conditions. These conditions include cancer, HIV/AIDS, seizure disorders, and chronic pain. But these days, other conditions may qualify patients for medical marijuana access in Louisiana.

For years, just a few doctors had the authority to write prescriptions for Altamira. Now, any doctor or medical practitioner is able to prescribe it for a serious disease.

Keep reading to learn more about medical marijuana in Louisiana, who can prescribe it, and more.

Louisiana Medical Marijuana Conditions

Doctors can prescribe medical marijuana to patients who have various conditions. Ultimately, it’s up to the physician as to whether or not you qualify for medical cannabis access. 

The fact of the matter is that doctors will usually only prescribe it for patients who have tried other treatments and found them to be ineffective.

Moreover, the patients don't need to have a medical card to get marijuana. All they need is a doctor's prescription. This is a big change for Louisiana and it will likely have a positive impact on the lives of many people.

Please be aware that the state tracks all prescriptions through a prescription monitoring program. This is to avoid people from abusing the system and using marijuana for illegal purposes.

Roughly 1,600 people in the state were using marijuana for medical purposes prior to this new change. Up to 3.5 million people could be able to use marijuana for medical conditions thanks to the new law.

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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Louisiana Online

If you're an individual who is interested in getting prescriptions for medical marijuana, you can find a list of doctors who are registered with the state at CannabisRxHealth. You can also find a list of state dispensaries where you can get marijuana.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of finding a doctor and getting a recommendation, you can also get a medical marijuana recommendation through CannabisRxHealth as your online service provider. The process is simple and easy and doesn’t take much time.

We offer an online evaluation with a licensed medical marijuana doctor. Once you're approved, you'll be able to get your medical marijuana. It’s the most straightforward method for obtaining a recommendation.

Louisiana Medical Marijuana FAQ

How easy is it to get a a medical marijuana card in Louisiana?

If you have a qualifying condition, it's easy to get a medical marijuana card in Louisiana. Basically, you’ll need to explain the issue to a licensed physician to get a recommendation. Then, you’ll have access to medical cannabis in LA.

What illness qualifies for medical marijuana in LA?

There are 17 qualifying conditions that allow patients to get a medical marijuana card in Louisiana. These conditions include cancer, HIV/AIDS, seizure disorders, PTSD, anxiety, and others. However, doctors can recommend medical marijuana to anyone they believe will benefit from it.

Is medical marijuana covered by insurance in Louisiana?

No, medical marijuana is not currently covered by insurance in Louisiana. However, this may change in the future as more and more states legalize marijuana.

What are the different types of medical marijuana?

There are numerous different types of medical marijuana. Some of the most popular strains include Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Granddaddy Purple. But ultimately, which strain one desires is a matter of preference and qualities it possesses.