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August 13, 2022

Zaza is slang that's been circulating over the past few years. It might be a word that you've only just recently heard about. You might even find yourself frequently using it. Or perhaps it's a term you've repressed to the back of your brain. But if you're here looking for answers, you've probably heard the word "zaza" quite a few times.

If you're a Gucci Mane fan, you've likely heard his lyric, "Backwood full of zaza, I only smoke the greatest zaza..." However, if it's not your music of choice, you may have heard 21 Savage rapping about zaza when he says, "Smokin' on zaza..."

You should be able to recall the number of times you've heard the word zaza. But like most people who hear it for the first or even second time, you may not know what it means to blow zaza.

The slang term has many wondering, "What exactly is Zaza?" Is it some rare marijuana strain? Or is it just a general word to describe high-grade marijuana? How much does zaza cost, and where can I buy some? Do I qualify for medical marijuana in Louisiana? Here's how to get a medical marijuana card in Louisiana.

What is Zaza?

You've probably seen the word zaza that is a popular term in hip-hop culture along with social media. Regardless of the references, there's still plenty of discussion within the cannabis community regarding what zaza truly means!

Zaza is often used in reference to high-quality, premium marijuana. However, where exactly did the term "zaza" come from?

The word zaza is derived directly from "exotic," which highlights that it's extremely rare and expensive flower. Exotic was shortened into "za-tic" which eventually was shortened to "za," after which it transformed into "zaza!"

Hip-hop culture idolizes the rich lifestyle; it's all about the "benjamins" and having lots of money. So, it would only make sense for them to use a term like zaza to describe some marijuana that's very rare and valuable!

When zaza became popular, dispensaries began to design strains and refer to them as zaza , similar to this Leafly strain description.

The dispensaries understand they're operating as businesses, and the right name could attract more customers. So, they began to market their products by creating names that would make them stand out from the rest.

As a result, some of the most popular strains on the market today are referred to as zaza. You might find some at your local dispensary!

What Does Zaza Mean?

If the term zaza is in vogue and people aren't certain of what it really means and what it is, they can sell an zaza-related strain to jump into the trend and make some extra money. This could also be dispensaries that honor marijuana culture.

If zaza is the latest term in the marijuana industry, why not create some exciting marijuana strains that incorporate this name?

All in all, while some dispensaries have hopped on this trending name, those in the cannabis community know that zaza is just another word for high-end flower. It's not a single unique strain.

When you go outside and smell that zaza, you know it. Zaza smoke is highly potent stuff, offering loud odors everyone can smell from afar.

How Much is a 3.5 of Zaza?

Zaza is essentially the word used to describe expensive marijuana, meaning you should expect to pay more than usual for an eighth. Therefore buying a gram isn't going to be an inexpensive endeavor.

The prices for dispensary bud depends on many variables like quality, the time of year competition, volume of cannabis hitting the market, etc. However, generally speaking, on average, an eighth of bud generally ranges from $25 to $40. The $40 figure is usually the highest price to purchase an 8th.

An eighth of marijuana weighs 3.5 grams. Each eighth of weed can appear different depending on the type of marijuana you select. It doesn't matter if it's dense or less fluffy; most of the time, an eighth contains six or seven buds. Therefore, choosing a more affordable strain in the case of an 8th translates to some adequate pricing.

Zaza, however, is not as reasonably priced because it's a "top shelf" cannabis. It was grown with the best of the best and offers excellent terpene composition, THC/CBD potency, etc. With this being the case, the bud must cost more than the typical price of an 8th, with a zaza eighth running anywhere from $60 on the low end to nearly $100 on the high end!

What Does Zaza Weed Look Like?

If you've never seen zaza weed, you're probably wondering about its aesthetics. Typically, zaza is beautiful, with bright green and orange hues, long hairs, and a healthy coat of trichomes.

The strain's nugs are usually smaller than average but extremely dense. When you hold a nug in your hand, it should feel heavy for its size.

Zaza is also known for being exceptionally sticky, so make sure you have a grinder on hand before you try to break it up. If not, your fingers will end up coated in resin, and it'll be nearly impossible to get it off!

Can I Get Zaza?

We know what you're thinking; where can I find some zaza flower? Is zaza available at my local dispensary?

Most of the time, zaza refers to high-grade cannabis flower. In Louisiana, flower has only just recently become available at the start of 2022. Thus, zaza might be challenging to find.

However, if you visit a Louisiana dispensary near you, the chances are high that they will have some flower on the menu, and it's possible that zaza is one of them!

What are Some Examples of Zaza?

While you won't find Zaza in Louisiana however, there are several interesting examples of zaza products you could hope for at your local dispensary. Here are a few that are among the more expensive cannabis varieties that meet zaza qualifications.

Cannabis Caviar

Cannabis Caviar is not a cannabis strain but rather an idea. It's created by drenching premium cannabis buds that range from 5 to 20 percent THC in highly potent (30-80 percent THC) marijuana oil. When the cannabis buds are immersed and removed, the Cannabis Caviar is ready for consumption! This product is the epitome of zaza because it's the costliest method to consume cannabis. retailing at an impressive $1,400 per ounce!

Fruity Pebbles

As an indica-dominated hybrid, the Fruity Pebbles strain derives its genetics from Tahoe Alien, Green Ribbon, and Granddaddy Purple. Alien Genetics created and sold this strain in 2012.

The Fruity Pebbles strain is actually akin to the cereal as it is an extremely bright and colorful variety that was also one of the most potent strains available when it was first introduced. The strain is one to consider as a zaza strain as the seed pack alone is priced at a whopping $1500!

Loud Dream

This is a primarily sativa strain which is the highest priced variety of marijuana on the market! Loud Dream is rare and was created by backcrossing two versions of Blue Dream. This strain known for its ability to stimulate energy and concentration, just as a traditional sativa would. It's best known for its impressive THC content, which is approximately 26-28 percent on average. Loud Dream retails at $800 per ounce!

White Fire OG

White Fire OG is highly sought after because it's among the strongest hybrid strains available. It delivers a powerful yet lively experience that consumers adore. The strain is a combination that combines Fire OG and The White to create a potent blend that contains approximately 30 percent THC! This zaza strain is priced at around $600 per ounce.

If I Can't Find Zaza, What Products Will Be Available?

There's still plenty of medical marijuana products available to patients holding a medical marijuana card in Louisiana, even when zaza is not an option.

What do you get at the dispensary after you get your medicinal marijuana card? Here's a list of marijuana products you'll find in Louisiana, along with a brief description of how they work!


Medical marijuana tinctures are an excellent method of self-administering your cannabinoids. They're commonly packed in a glass 30 mL bottle that has a dropper. This makes it possible for you to self-titrate.

You'll administer this sublingually or orally for rapid onset. Ultimately, the tincture will be absorbed into your bloodstream and delivered to your cannabinoid receptors!


The marijuana plant is turned into a concentrated extract to make medical marijuana oil. You take the oil by mouth, in the same way as you would with a tincture, and put it under your tongue using a dropper.


Gelatin-based chewables are the only types of edibles permitted in Louisiana. They're a fantastic choice for folks who would rather avoid eating capsules or who would like to consume their medicine in regular doses all day long.


Louisiana also offers metered dose inhalers for patients. These devices are made of the natural marijuana extract and provide an accurate dose of cannabis each time you inhale.


The capsule form is the most basic type of pill that's taken by mouth. They are simple to swallow and provide long-lasting effects all day, making them perfect for treating chronic conditions.

Transdermal patches

Transdermal patches get applied directly on the skin. These products give medical marijuana cannabinoids direct access to the bloodstream, providing relief throughout the day. These are best for new medical marijuana consumers!


Topicals are creams or lotions containing medical cannabis. They can assist by targeting skin conditions as well as pain that the patient is attempting to alleviate. This is an excellent approach for people who do not want to be under the influence of any medication because topicals lack psychoactive properties.


Marijuana suppositories aren't as common, but they're available in some dispensaries. These are inserted vaginally or rectally and provide local relief from pain or inflammation.

How do I obtain the medical marijuana card in Louisiana?

The process to get a medical marijuana card in Louisiana has never more straightforward!

To be eligible for a Louisiana Marijuana License you'll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be diagnosed as having a qualifying medical condition
  • Have a written recommendation from a Louisiana-licensed doctor
  • Be a Louisiana resident who can show proof of residency (an LA State ID card or LA driving license will work for this purpose).

We're here to help you throughout the entire process!

To be eligible for medical marijuana card in Louisiana, you must have been diagnosed as having a medical issue by a doctor who is certified. Here's a list of the ailments that could qualify you:

Alzheimer's disease
Amyotrophic lateral and sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
Cachexia or the wasting syndrome
Chronic Pain
Crohn's Disease
Hospice care or palliative
Huntington's Disease
Intractable Pain
Lewy-body dementia
Motor-neuron diseases
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Muscular Dystrophy
Parkinson's Disease
Seizure disorders
Acute muscle spasm
Atrophication of the spinal muscles
Traumatic brain injury
Any debilitating illness if the doctor believes that the patient will benefit

While your condition might not be included on this medical condition list, you could be eligible if a physician determines that you suffer from a debilitating disease that could be benefited from using medical marijuana as a treatment.

Contact us now to schedule your consultation to learn whether you're eligible fast!