Getting a Medical Marijuanas Card in VA: The Process

How to get a medical marijuanas card in VA might sound like a daunting task. But with CannabisRxHealth guiding your journey, it's actually quite straightforward.

Gone are the days when black market marijuanas were the only available options. As Virginia ushers in a new era that places importance on accessible marijuana medicine, the process to get a medical marijuanas card in VA has become easier.

In this post, we outline the process and answer the most frequently asked questions about getting a medical marijuanas card in VA. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

Let's get started.

Insight for Getting a Medical Marijuanas Card in VA

Patients and parents/legal guardians much apply with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy as a Registered Patient for Cannabis Oil or a Registered Parent/Guardian of Cannabis Oil. This requires a valid written certification from a Board of Pharmacy-registered practitioner before beginning the application for registration as a patient or parent/guardian allowed to purchase and possess medical cannabis products.

CannabisRxHealth makes this step in the process straightforward. But we also help patients with the other steps to obtain their MMJ card.

Our Board of Pharmacy-registered practitioners are ready to issue you your written certification. Contact us now to schedule your appointment.

Virginia Board of Pharmacy Registration Instructions

Here are the registration instructions to clarify any misconceptions about getting a medical marijuanas card in VA:

Step 1: Use either Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the application. Keep in mind, if you commonly use Google Chrome, the application will not function properly.

Step 2: Go to and start the registration process.

Keep the following in mind during this step:

  • If you possess another license issued by the board of the Department of Health Professions, use your User ID and Password.
  • If you lack another type of license, you'll need to click on the "Register a Person" tab. This is located in the upper left corner of the website.

Step 3: After you've logged into your account, you'll notice the Welcome screen. Choose Initial Application using the left menu.

Step 4: From the Application for Licensure screen, you'll choose Pharmaceutical Processing-Cannabis Oil from the Profession dropdown. Then, if you're a patient applying for registration, you'll choose Cannabis Oil - Patient from the License Type dropdown.

However, if you're a parent or legal guardian of a minor patient or incapacitated adult, you'll choose Cannabis Oil - Parent/Guardian using the License Type dropdown. After completing your application, you'll also need to finish the Registered Patient for Cannabis Oil application for the patient. The primary parent or guardian of the minor or incapacitated adult living with the patient must complete this step in the process.

From there, you'll choose Initial Application from the Obtained By dropdown. Then, you'll have to click the Start Application button.

Step 5: Finish the registration process and pay $50 for patients or $25 if you're a parent or legal guardian.

Step 6: You'll then have to scan and email all of the documentation below and send it to the board at to complete your application:

  • A copy of the written certification from a registered practitioner.
  • Proof of residency of the patient and proof of residency for the parent or legal guardian, if applicable. This could include but isn't limited to a government-issued identification card or tax receipt.
  • Proof of identity of the patient. If the patient is a minor, you'll need to include proof of identity of the parent or legal guardian. This should be a government-issued identification card.
  • Proof of the patient’s age. This should be either a birth certification or another government-issued identification.
  • Keep in mind, a valid Virginia Driver’s License is good enough to show proof of age, identity, and residency.

For those having trouble emailing the supporting documentation, it's possible to fax or mail it to the number/address listed below. However, keep in mind, it's difficult to read faxed documents and if the Board of Pharmacy has to contact you to have you resend your documents, your application's processing could get delayed.

You cannot send documents to the Board of Pharmacy via Google Drive or iCloud. Its security system doesn't permit access to these documents. Thus, make sure to check that your documents are readable upon opening.

If the Board of Pharmacy needs additional information from you to process your application, you'll receive a notification via email. But make sure you enter the right email address accurately into your application to ensure they can contact you without issue.

Processing time takes around 30 days for the registration application. If the Board needs any other additional information to process your application or if it's approved, you'll receive an email. After approval, your registration card will be mailed to the address you included in your application.

Virginia Board of Pharmacy

9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300 Henrico, VA 23233

Fax: (804) 527-4472


Getting a Medical Marijuanas Card in VA FAQ

How much does it cost to get a medical card in Virginia?

To get a medical card, you'll need to register with the Board of Pharmacy. This costs $50 for patients or $25 if you're a parent or legal guardian.

How long does it take to get a medical marijuanas card in VA?

After sending in your application, it takes around 30 days to process. Once your application has been approved, your registration card will get mailed to you.

How much is a medical marijuanas card in VA?

A medical marijuanas card in VA requires patients or parents/guardians to register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. This process costs $50 for patients or $25 for parents or legal guardians.

Closing on Getting a Medical Marijuanas Card in VA

Getting a medical marijuanas card in Virginia can be a lengthy process, but it's worth it for those who qualify. Make sure you have all of your documentation ready before submitting your application and please email, fax, or mail your documents to the Board of Pharmacy.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Our Board of Pharmacy-registered practitioners are ready to help you get your VA medical marijuanas card now!