gLeaf Richmond VA Information

For those in Virginia, you've likely heard about gLeaf Richmond VA. This is marijuana dispensary is a patient favorite as the operation produces high-grade cannabis and cannabis products.

But what else should you know about gLeaf Richmond VA?

In this post, we cover gLeaf Richmond's menu, delivery service, reviews, and frequently asked questions to give you a full-rounded view of this dispensary.

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gLeaf Richmond, VA Menu

Curious to learn more about the gLeaf Richmond, VA menu? You're in the right place!

gLeaf's Richmond VA menu is quite extensive, including a wide assortment of flower, pre-roll, vape, extract, edible, tincture, topical, and gear options. Here's more about each category:

gLeaf Cannabis Flower

gLeaf Cannabis Flower

Besides being reasonably priced, gLeaf has various strains available. Hybrids, Sativas, and Indicas are readily available through this dispensary.

Some Hybrid strains in stock include Animal Mints, Chiquita Cake II, CrescendO II, Lucky C III, Martian Monkey II, Pie Face II, Plum Dog Pie, Thin Mints, and Baklava III.

gLeaf's Sativa strains include Diesel and TKC.

Indica strains at gLeaf include Josh D-OG, Queen Mother Goji OG, The Cheese II, and Tyrian Kush.

gLeaf Pre-rolls

gLeaf Pre-rolls

gLeaf pre-roll options are nothing short of incredible. From Diesel to Jack Frost II, TKC, and Blackberry Kush, this dispensary has reasonably priced pre-rolls that make medicating simple. This operation also carries other desirable strains in pre-rolls, including Zookies, Pineapple Sorbet II, Orange Krush, Tyrian, and Kushberry.

gLeaf Vapes

gLeaf Vapes

gLeaf cartridges are perfect for patients who would prefer to vape their treatment rather than smoke flower. Some of the strains found among these live rosin cartridges includes Colorado Chem III, Haze4Daze, Koffee, Phil's Punch, Pineapple Taffy II, Space Ghost, Sticky First, and Uncle Phil III.

gLeaf Extracts

gLeaf Extracts

gLeaf also produces extracts for sale. The strains available include Animal Mints, Colorado Chem IV, Koffee, Martian Monkey, Queen Mother Goji OG, and Uncle Phil III.

gLeaf Edibles

gLeaf Edibles

Edibles are becoming increasingly common, particularly among patients who would prefer to eat their treatment rather than smoking or vaping. gLeaf's edibles selection includes Dark Chocolate Squares, Pineapple II medicated chews, Watermelon III medicated chews, Wild Cherry VIII medicate chews, Press Tables, Peach Balance gummies, Blueberry Calm IV gummies, and Mango-Pineapple Boost IV gummies.

gLeaf Topicals

gLeaf Topicals

Topicals from gLeaf include two transdermal concoctions. This is the Eucalyptus IV and Lavender IV, which are 9.88% THC 8.65% CBD and 9.89% THC 6.39% CBD, respectively.

gLeaf Gear

gLeaf Gear

gLeaf doesn't leave patients without gear to consume their products. This dispensary carries a Concentrate Atomizer, Variable Voltage Battery, and Jupiter Battery.

gLeaf Delivery

gLeaf's Richmond location has in-store shopping, in-store pick-up, and delivery options available. The gLeaf delivery service is available to patients after they have their first in-store purchase. This has been an impressive time-saver for customers, and the delivery purchases are cash-only.

gLeaf Richmond Reviews

gLeaf Richmond reviews are overall quite positive. Here are some of the reviews we found for this dispensary:

B**d H**y's gLeaf Richmond Review

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their stock has expanded quickly over the last few weeks. I've used their delivery service, which is available after your first in-store purchase and is an unbelievable time saver. Both in-store and delivery purchases are cash only as of my last purchase.

L***y M******l's gLeaf Richmond Review

Today was my first experience at a dispensary... and wow! These guys & gals really made it an awesome experience. From the security to the receptionist to the consultant & the pharmacist. Everybody was such a pleasure. Even though they deliver to my area, I'll gladly make 1.5 hr drive to go see them again!

I**m K****e's gLeaf Richmond Review

Great customer care and service.  Great in-store experience and I just got my first home delivery.  Free delivery received in less than 24 hours. Can't wait for prices to drop. Only downside is Virginia prices.

gLeaf Richmond VA FAQ

Who owns gLeaf Richmond?

In December 2021, New York-based Columbia Care Inc. announced that it is to purchase Green Leaf Medical LLC, also known as gLeaf, through a cash-and-stock deal that's worth $240 million.

Is gLeaf a good brand?

This depends on who you ask, but gLeaf's cannabis strains have a lot to offer. Besides being flavorful and potent, this operation's prices are fantastic. The people working in this dispensary are also knowledgeable and focus on providing excellent customer service, offering an all-around pleasurable experience.

Who makes gLeaf?

Green Leaf Medical makes the gLeaf brand. This company operates medical marijuana grows, extraction, and dispensaries throughout four states located in the mid-Atlantic. This includes Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It currently has pending vertical applications in West Virginia and New Jersey, as well.

Who bought Green Leaf Medical?

Columbia Care Inc. purchased Green Leaf Medical. The deal was worth $240 million in stock and cash, making it an impressive acquisition.

Did Columbia Care buy gLeaf?

Columbia Care Inc. is well-known as a cultivation operation, manufacturer, and distributor of marijuana products in the U.S. The company recently acquired gLeaf, one of the leaders in mid-Atlantic-based cannabis operations.

Closing on gLeaf Richmond VA

Overall, gLeaf Richmond VA is a great place to purchase medicinal cannabis products. The customer care and service are excellent, and the prices are fantastic.

If you're looking for a great in-store experience, this is the place to go. gLeaf Richmond VA also offers cannabis delivery, as well, making it even easier to obtain this operation's medicinal marijuana products.

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