Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

February 25, 2021

Virginia medical cannabis dispensaries are somewhat limited. This is because the state has only allowed a limited number of medical marijuana dispensaries to operate. 

Wondering, “Where can I find a dispensary near me?” Look no further than our list of medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia. We’ve even included all Virginia medical marijuana dispensary locations and hours of operation!

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Virginia

Virginia medical marijuana dispensaries have been open since October 2020. The first medical marijuana legislation for the state was passed in 2015. However, these laws were unfortunately highly limited.

The state then passed SB 976 in 2020, which finally created a dispensary system. Since the passing of this legislation, few storefronts have been allowed to open throughout the state. We expect more to open this year to ensure we have the 30 allowed medical cannabis dispensaries in Virginia.

The following is a list of zones and the Virginia medical marijuana dispensaries serving each one:

Zone 1 Virginia Medical Cannabis Dispensary: TBD

Originally, MedMen was supposed to be one of the medical cannabis dispensaries operating in Virginia. But while the company received licensing, Virginia regulators voted to take away the license in June 2020.

At this point, the state has already closed applications for the cannabis dispensary that will serve Zone 1. We’ll provide an update as we learn more about who will be providing cannabis to this zone.

Zone 2 Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Beyond/Hello

Zone 2 Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Beyond/Hello

Dalitso LLC is a Virginia medical marijuana dispensary offering high-quality CBD oil and THC-A oil to patients throughout Zone 2. Licensed practitioners commonly prescribe these infused products to treat a variety of medical conditions. If you’re in the Zone 2 area, this is the medical cannabis dispensary you’ll want to visit – unless you’re comfortable traveling to other zones for your products.

Zone 3 Virginia Medical Cannabis Dispensary: Dharma Pharmaceuticals

Zone 3 Virginia Medical Cannabis Dispensary: Dharma Pharmaceuticals

Dharma Pharmaceuticals provides CBD and THC-A oil products to patients in the area. Since the owners are originally from southwest Virginia, their roots are here, and they care deeply for Virginian cannabis patients. For patients living in Zone 3, the choice is easy!

Zone 4 Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Green Leaf Medical

Zone 4 Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Green Leaf Medical

Green Leaf Medical of Virginia, LLC is on a mission to provide patients with safe and effective high-grade medical cannabis products. This dispensary is currently operating cannabis businesses throughout the U.S., including Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Patients living in Zone 4 appreciate all that GLeaf has to offer.

Zone 5 Virginia Medical Cannabis Dispensary: Columbia Care

Zone 5 Virginia Medical Cannabis Dispensary: Columbia Care

Columbia Care serves Zone 5 with a focus on bringing an elevated standard to medical cannabis patients. The company partners with seasoned professions from law, finance, operations, healthcare, and medicine to engage with and pave the way for this innovative medicine field.

Through Columbia Care, patients can shop its proprietary patent-pending medical brands. These include TheraCeed, EleCeed, and ClaraCeed. These brands are all pharmaceutical-grade with various cannabis product offerings, including vapes, lotions, suppositories, and hard-pressed tablets. As this company continues to operate, it will keep innovating while prioritizing patient-centric service in Virginia’s Zone 5.

Virginia Dispensary Locations & Hours of Operation

Virginia Dispensary Location for Beyond/Hello - Manassas

This dispensary’s primary offering is medical-grade cannabis extracts. While the company plans to open a pharmaceutical processor facility in Prince William County, it still serves the region with high-quality extract products patients appreciate.

The address for Beyond/Hello in Manassas is as follows:

8100 Albertstone Cir

Manassas, VA 20109

The phone number for Beyond/Hello in Manassas is +1 (888) 530-0551

This dispensary’s operation hours are Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

Virginia Dispensary Location for Dharma Pharmaceuticals - Bristol

Dharma Pharmaceuticals is a Bristol, Virginia medical cannabis dispensary that’s locally owned and operated. The company has deep ties to southwest VA, acting as the local faces providing compassionate care to medical patients.

The address for Dharma Pharmaceuticals in Bristol is as follows:

500 Gate City Hwy #460

Bristol, VA 24201

The phone number for Dharma Pharmaceuticals is +1 (276) 644-6400

This dispensary’s operating hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

Virginia Dispensary Location for Green Leaf Medical - Richmond

Green Leaf Medical a Richmond Medical Cannabis Dispensary

For now, Green Leaf Medical works on its partnerships with local business owners in Virginia. The collaborations include a list of medical researchers and physicians in the region, which aligns with their goal of providing residents with the best patient-centered care possible.

Green Leaf’s 82,000 square foot facility calls Bedford County, PA home. The location grows beyond 200 genetics to be used in its state-of-the-art extraction lab. This company is now offering its cannabis concentrate at its Richmond medical cannabis dispensary.

The address for Green Leaf Medical in Richmond is as follows:

2804 Decatur St. Building 30,

Richmond, Virginia

The phone number for Green Leaf Medical in Richmond is +1 (804) 554-0080

This dispensary’s operating hours are Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

Virginia Dispensary Location for Columbia Care - Portsmouth

Columbia Care is a medical marijuana dispensary in Portsmouth, VA. The dispensary only accept cash. However, they have an ATM available on-site for a fee. Patients should bring a valid certification for THC/CBD oil from a certifying practitioner, as well as a valid government photo ID and Virginia Board of Pharmacy registration card.

The address for Columbia Care in Portsmouth is as follows:

4012 Seaboard Ct.

Portsmouth, VA 23701

The phone number for Columbia Care in Portsmouth is +1 (757) 315-6808

This dispensary’s operation hours are Monday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensary Assistance

Looking for additional information about medical marijuana dispensaries in VA? Start with our step-by-step guide to registering for Virginia Medical Cannabis Program.

If you have any additional questions pertaining to medical marijuana in Virginia, make sure to check out our Virginia Medical Cannabis FAQs. For any other questions, feel free to contact us at any time for assistance.

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